Chika Again !!!

Diah Bali

TALL AND beautiful Balinese girls are worshipped on Bali and carry strong connections to one of the eight royal families on the island. Diah is no exception to this rule. Despite the fact that posing for Petter was Diah’s first nude sitting she never once let her amateur status show.

Graceful like a princess with flawless skin and a gaze that can make mountains shake; Diah comes armed with a strong belief in her people and a respect for her culture and religion. It took a bit of convincing but Diah decided to pose for Petter Hegre as a means of showing the beauty Balinese woman. After gazing on the figure of Diah, you can consider us convinced for the rest of our days.

Putu Bali

A SUCCESSFUL catwalk model and one of the most used fashion models in the region; Putu can be seen on billboards and in magazines sporting the latest trends in Eastern clothing. Fortunately, seeing herself larger then life on a daily basis hasn’t gone to her head. Unusually tall for a Balinese woman, Putu commands attention whenever she enters a room.

Sitting for Petter Hegre was the first time Putu had ever posed nude; however looking at the images you would never know it. With a sultry gaze and a crooked smile she took great pride in her ability to tease the camera as if it where her lover. Prancing about the studio on her long slender legs, Putu looked more like a cat craving attention then a woman posing for the camera.

Naomi Angela

Naomi Angela is one of many Indonesian Sexy model. Naomi Angela is born at Surabaya, 29 April 1977. With height 172cm and 50Kg weight makes she look hot even wear any dress. Naomi Angela is has perform at sinetron entitle Halilintar. She also perform at Page one, and Mirabella comercial

Wiwid Gunawan

Model - Black and White


Baby Margaretha

Baby Margaretha - Hot

This is Baby Margaretha, yet another voluptuous girl (cewek bahenol) from Bandung. I know, you are interested in her "front". And you are not alone, mate! Because it is the best part of Baby Margaretha's body and everybody loving it.

Sexy Girl: Krisdayanti

Krisdayanti was born March 24, 1975 in Malang, East Java. She’s one of Indonesia’s Top Divas. With eight albums to her credit and a few singles, she is not only known in her country but around the Southeast Asian region as well. Krisdayanti also known as "KD" This is her photos.

Pevita Pearce

Yet another Indonesian rising star, Pevita Eileen Pearce. Btw some says her face is looks like Maria Ozawa (Miyabi)

Aura Kasih

Do you like Aura Kasih's body? Hmmm tell your girl friend to drink water! That is the secret!
3 vital things you need to do to enjoy the benefits of drinking water.

  • Quantity: at least 8 to 10 glasses, or more exactly take half your weight and drink that many fluid ounces. But this is only a rough guide. Listen to your body, drink more if you're active.
  • A glass of water always at hand is a great thing. The interval of time is also vitally important. The body needs more water as it uses it, not hours later. Especially drink before and during a physical activity.
  • To complete the picture, you have to consider the quality of water. All water is not the same. Tap water has so many toxins these days, prescription medications and chlorine. The chlorine alone increases your chances of getting cancer by 93% over your lifetime, according to the EPA.

Cut Tari

Cut Tari Aminah Anasya, or simply Cut Tari, is an actress and also a host who was born in Jakarta on November 1, 1977. She comes from Aceh, when in elementary school she comes up as "Gadis Sampul 1991" contestant. Recently, she is one of "Insert" hosts an infotainment program at Indosiar.

Chika's Identity Revealed!

Most Indonesian netter knows Chika. Her hardcore photos have been circulating on internet. Some say she is a teenage call girl from Bandung and "Chika" is not her real name it’s just a nickname.
I just surprised when found these pictures. In real life, Chika is just an ordinary girl and has ordinary school mate, too.

Bella Shaphira

Bella, she has a sparkling eyes, sexy lips, and smart. Look at those photos (thanks to Popular Magazine), what do you think? In 34 years old, she still charming. BTW Bella, who is the lucky man?

Kiki Fatmala